name : TalkIRCnet

year of establishment : 2003

email : support@talkirc.net

address : Europe

status : Available

Global Help : #OperHELP

Help channels : #Help

language : All languages


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Expiration Schedule

TalkIRCnet will soon be enabling nickname and channel expirations. Currently, no nicknames or channels are expiring because of a temporary expiration moratorium.


Services Enhancements

The All language has been added to Services. We are continually looking to expand our multilingual support, and plan on adding additional languages in upcoming months, along with completing the current language translations. See /nickserv help lang for more information.


E-mail confirmation time change

TalkIRCnet has lowered the time an AUTH request remains active. This means that if you request an email change or to drop a nick, you now have 3 days (previously 7) to complete the auth process. This also affects half registered nicknames. If you register a nickname, you have 3 days to complete the registration process.


Webteam Addition

Although delayed by almost a week, please help the web team in welcoming its' newest member lorddracula. lorddracula will be helping with the general upkeep of the new TalkIRC.net


New services language packs!

TalkIRCnet is pleased to announce the following changes to its user services: 1) Swedish language pack has been added. Feel free to try it with the "/NickServ LANG SE" command. Special thanks to Car`a`carn for writing it! 2) Malaysian language pack has been added. Feel free to try it with the "/NickServ LANG MY" command. Special thanks to eDdYk0nG for writing it! 3) German language pack has been added. Feel free to try it with the "/NickServ LANG DE" command. Special thanks to FredFred for writing it! We are continually looking to expand our multilingual support, please contact FredFred if you're willing to help translating new languages.


Server Updates

As you may have noticed over the past couple of days, TalkIRCnet Routing has been re-starting some servers, causing quick splits within the network.


New KLine team leader

TalkIRCnet has appointed key as the new KLine team leader. key will replace Black who has chosen to step down as the leader of the KLine team, a position he has had the last year or so. Thanks for the work you did Black, and congratulations key!


New SRA team leader

TalkIRCnet has appointed Waldyrious as the new leader of the SRA team. Good luck Waldyrious :) We would also like to thank the former leader, Soft who led the team for more than 15 years. Over the years he has contributed massively both to the team itself and its members and our general staff, all the code of our services and more, as well as policies and procedures. We want to thank him greatly for all of this! Mark will remain a SRA team member.


Website Update!

We Have Updated Our Website To Provide A Better Service To Our Users!Now You Can Connect Faster And More Securely.In Our Newly Added Areas, You Will Be Able To Instantly Receive The Latest Update Information On Our IRC Server.Thank You For Joining Us And We Wish You A Pleasant Day.


ZNC Services Online

ZNC Service Has Started On Our IRC Offering.


Android APK

We Announced To You The New Mobile-First Design Of TalkIRC. We Continue To Make TalkIRC More Accessible And User-Focused With Your Feedback. Since Then, The Most Feedback From You Has Been About Our Mobile Applications. We Haven't Been Able To Update For A Long Time. As Of Today, We Are Offering Our Completely Redesigned Android Applications To You.


Mobile APK Update

Our Android Mobile Application Has Been Updated! Version: V. In This Version; - Logo Update Was Made. - Background Update Has Been Made. - Application Notification Settings Have Been Activated. - Internet Connection Problems Have Been Fixed. - In-Application Errors Encountered Have Been Resolved. - Improvements Have Been Made.


Halcyon is with us now

Our new hub connection is now with us on our server! You can now connect us via halcyon.us.talkirc.net


Zion Is With Us Now

Our New Hub Connection Is Now With Us On Our Server! You Can Now Connect Us Via Zion.pk.Talkirc.Net


Koala Is With Us Now

Our new hub connection India is now on our server! You can connect to us via koala.in.talkirc.net