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Local Host

169 | 12.01.2024 | mIRC Help

Your Host name and IP address are required when using the DCC features in mIRC. mIRC will try to retrieve these values itself however in some cases you may need to change the settings yourself.


Local Host

If mIRC is unable to retrieve your local host name, and replies with the message Unable to get local host, then you will have to fill in your local host name manually. mIRC will then use whatever you have entered to get your IP address.


IP Address

If mIRC is unable to retrieve your IP address then you will need to enter it manually. If it is not correct then you will not be able to initiate DCC sessions.


On connect, always get...

These options allow you to change the way the local host and IP address are retrieved. There are many different types of Internet connections, so you will need to change these settings yourself to see which combination works best for you. If you do not know what kind of connection you have, you should normally leave both of these options checked.


Lookup Method

If you find that mIRC is not resolving your IP address correctly you might try changing from Normal to Server or vice versa. With the Normal method, these details are retrieved locally. With the Server method, they are retrieved via the IRC Server.


Note: If changing the above switches does not solve the problem, or you do not know what to enter for your local host or IP address, you will need to contact your Internet Provider or System Administrator.