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IRC Proxy

175 | 12.01.2024 | mIRC Help

mIRC can connect to an IRC Server through a Socks4 or Socks5 firewall, or through a Proxy.



You can choose to enable proxy support for server connections, DCC connections, or both.



You can select either Socks4, Socks5, or Proxy. Socks4 and Proxy are limited in functionality and only allow server connections.


Note: mIRC uses a passive protocol to establish DCC connections when a client is behind a Socks5 firewall. This will not work with older versions of mIRC or other IRC clients because no standard exists. You can find out more about the protocol here.



The address of your firewall server, can be either a named address or an IP address.


User ID

Can be the account or user name on your system. For most people this will be the User ID portion of their email address (the text before the @ sign).



The password required to access the firewall.


Note: If you are connecting via a proxy, and you enter a password, mIRC only supports http proxy basic authorization.



This is usually 1080 for Socks firewalls.


Exception masks

If you have the firewall enabled but would like to connect to some servers directly, you can enter their addresses here. Wildcards may be used. Any server addresses which match the exception masks will not use the firewall.


The /proxy command

This command allows you to change the above firewall settings.


/proxy [-cmN[+|-]d] [on|off] <server> <port> <userid> <password>


The -c switch clears the userid and password values.

The -mN switch set the connection type, where N is 4 or 5 for Socks4 or Socks5, or p for proxy.

The +|-d switch turns DCCs through a firewall on or off.