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Help With an Echo Script

284 | 12.01.2024 | Scripts & Popups

First off I feel that I should say that I am completely new to using scripts.

Ok, what I would like to have done is simply echo the text from one channel to another. I am currently in a PRE channel and would like to echo the releases to another channel. I had one script, but it would echo everything being said, even from the users using commands such as !pre and !dupe.

Here is an example of what the announce looks like:


<BOTNAME> \\hV-PRE// - ||The Last Days Of The Nazis Part 1 WS PDTV XviD hV|| - \\TV//
<BOTNAME> \\RiVER-PRE// - ||Fifth Gear S10E10 WS PDTV XviD RiVER|| - \\TV//
<BOTNAME> \\Scratch-PRE// - ||AMC Lost Souls MENADL84 WEB 2006 Scratch|| - \\MP3//
<BOTNAME> \\hV-PRE// - ||The Last Days Of The Nazis Part 2 WS PDTV XviD hV|| - \\TV//

And an example of what some nukes/unnukes look like:


<BOTNAME> \\NUKED// - ||Erotic.Blue.GERMAN.2006.COMPLETE.DOCU.PAL.DVDR-ZZG|| - \\Reason: late.pretime_no.race//
<BOTNAME> \\UNNUKED// - ||Erotic.Blue.GERMAN.2006.COMPLETE.DOCU.PAL.DVDR-ZZG|| - \\Reason: merry.x.mas//
<BOTNAME> \\NUKED// - ||Erotic.Blue.GERMAN.2006.COMPLETE.DOCU.PAL.DVDR-ZZG|| - \\Reason:

Basically I want to echo whatever "BOTNAME" says in the original channel, to another channel. However, some users in the original channel may use !dupe/!pre commands which makes the BOTNAME announce things that I don't want announced. How can I exclude what the bot says to only the releases/nukes - not anything that is a response to what a user said in the original channel.

Any help would be very much appreciated smile