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Change Colors

111 | 11.01.2024 | mIRC Help

mIRC uses black text on a white background by default because this allows colored text to appear clearly and crisply. However, if you find the color scheme too bright, or if you want something a bit more fun, you can change the text and background, as well as other specific types of text eg. your own messages, to other colors.


To change the color settings, select the Colors dialog from the View Menu.


To change the color of an item, just click on it and you will see its name appear in the listbox at the bottom. Then click on any of the colored squares, and you will see the color of the text for that item change accordingly.


To change the background color, just click on the background itself and select a color as usual. You can also click on the background of the editbox and the listbox to change their colors as well.


If you do not like the changes you have made you can either click cancel or you can click the reset button which will reset the colors back to the default mIRC colors.


To customize the color of one of the color boxes, just click your right mouse button on it and a custom color dialog will pop up allowing you to choose a new color for it.


Once you have finished making changes, click on the Ok button, and hey presto you should now feel a bit more colorful!


mIRC also allows you to interactively change the color, as well as the appearance, of text as you type. You can find out how to do this in the Control Codes section.