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B. Kicking

161 | 12.01.2024 | IRCGuide

Kicks and bans are important aspects of channel maintenance. A kick tells the server to force a user leave the channel. However, he may rejoin it if the channel modes allow it. A ban keeps the user from joining a channel, or from re-joining a channel if he’s been kicked out. If you haven’t yet, please review channel maintenance section of the IRC Tutorial which covers basic kick and ban syntax with examples.

For newbies, the power to kick is one of the most alluring aspects of being an op. When giving a kick reason, however, remember rule #1 and keep out of trouble - if you use profanity, insults, etc., you only invite retaliation. Likewise if a single kick doesn’t deter the abuse, don’t just keep kicking the guy repeatedly, instead set a ban and end the fight. The purpose for a kick is simply to get the abusive user out, not to give him incentive to take it personally so that he makes it his goal for the next 3 months to attack you.

Many people will just rejoin automatically unless the channel mode prevents that (+k with keyword set after you kick the guy so he can’t see it, or +i), or unless you set a ban…