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A. Chanserv or no chanserv?

131 | 12.01.2024 | IRCGuide

How you run a channel depends greatly on whether or not the network supports the notion of channel ownership by means of registration services like “chanserv”. On networks like DALnet which do support channel registration, if you are the first to register a channel, you get to control it forever, as long as you show up once in a while. This includes getting ops “automatically” every time you join the channel, and being able to control who else gets ops even when you’re not online. Although this level of ownership is more reassuring to many people, the catch is that all the popular channels or nicknames can be reserved indefinitely by somebody who barely ever shows up on IRC. Also, there are sometimes accusations of abuse, because the server administrators can effectively control not only their servers but also individual channels through the channel service. In comparison, Undernet only supports registration for established channels (with at least 10 regulars). EFnet and IRCnet do not have channel registration at all, although EFnet has a “CHANFIX” service that can sometimes restore lost ops and reverse takeovers through a “squatter’s rights” system. For more information, check out Why EFnet/IRCnet has no registration services?.

The bottomline is that you have to decide where you want to host your new channel, and then abide by the rules of that network regarding channel registration (or lack thereof). If you do decide to run a channel on a network without services, then be prepared to devote a lot more time and resources to the effort.